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Terra Randolph

In addition to being a standout Senior majoring in International Business at Saint Louis University, Terra Randolph was one of our See the World, BE the Future  scholarship recipients for the 2017 Fall semester.




Please enjoy this single blog post in which Terra recounts her time at the Saint Louis University satellite campus in Madrid amongst her other adventures abroad:

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International Students Welcome Durbar



Dance Celebration at the Durbar for the International Programs Office 20th Anniversary

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#WeekofCelebration: Jubilee and International Student Hostels Hall Week

This past week, I celebrated the founding of ISH, my dorm, which is better known as the International Students Hostel.


Ebony greets the crowd of students before diving into her hit single "Sponsor"

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This past weekend I went to the Volta Region with my roommate and a few other friends. There are 10 official regions in Ghana, and this is the third I’ve been privileged to visit.


Lake Volta Suspension Bridge 1

Lake Volta Suspension Bridge Which Connects the Volta to Accra

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#KumasiContinued: On Traditional Techniques and Modern Arts

While in Kumasi I was also able to visit two historically relevant cultural sites, the Bonwire Kente Village and the Ntonso village.


Photo 1 Yemi with Her Personal Hand stamped Adinkra Cloth    Photo 2 Our Adinkra teacher with a cloth stamped by all CIEE Fall 2017 participants

Me with my personal, hand-stamped Adinkra cloth (left).  Our Adinkra teacher with a cloth stamped by all CIEE Fall 2017 participants (right).

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#Kumasi: The Land of the Asante

Hello there!  This week, I went out of the 15-mile radius that I usually occupy in Accra.  Over the weekend, I went to the south of Ghana to explore Kumasi, the capital of the Asante region and grew even more intrigued by Ghanaian culture.


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Something I believe I will be saying for the rest of my life is: I am an experiential learner.  Being an experiential learner means that a course or experience is most useful to me when I am within the environment where I can reference and pull from the lessons of the classroom.  In this instance, I decided to study abroad in Ghana during my senior year of college.  Most wouldn't, sometimes I wonder if I should have.  Be that as it may, I am here.  When thinking about how best I could make use of my four months in this very calm and historically relevant West African country, I knew that I also wanted to be a member of the workforce.  The best way to do that given the options that were presented to me was to apply and secure an internship.  I believe that working for a Ghanaian based institution will show me something that my classes cannot: how people collaborate here, how morning traffic works, how human beings operate outside of the university setting, etc.


Yemi ever ready to tackle her internship

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 This week was full of firsts, with Monday being the first day of class!



 The University of Ghana CIEE Fall Class of 2017


At the University of Ghana, undergraduate courses are called lectures, the quintessential aspect of every college experience.  I had high expectations for lectures, my first week of classes did not go as smoothly as I had hoped...

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#ConcentrationCoordinationConfidence - Arts in Ghana

It's been one quick week in Ghana.  My first 10 days in Accra have served as a quick start to four months of orientation.  On Saturday August 12th, my program and I took a tour of Accra, which is both a region in Ghana, a business district, and the capital city.  One of the most comforting things about this West African country isn't just the pace of life, which is calm and refreshing like Mississippi sweet tea, but also the smoothness of the paved roads, a physical sign of development, and the consistent caress of breeze flowing in from the Atlantic Ocean.  During the tour of Ghana's capital city, we made pit stops at The National Theater, The Military Hospital, Macola Market, and the Aya Center for Leadership and Development.  There was quite a bit of walking which gave us an opportunity to familiarize with the geography of the city.



Street Walkers - Mid-Afternoon in Accra

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After a whirlwind of anticipation - wrapping up a summer internship on Monday, going home to Boston on Tuesday, and running errands and packing on Wednesday - I finally found myself standing in Terminal E of Logan International Airport.  My passports and carry-on in hand, I waved goodbye to my family numerous times until I finally passed through security.  Ahead of me was an almost 12-hour flight to Paris and subsequent layover before my second flight to Ghana.  Behind me were loved ones curious and nervous about how my semester in West Africa would take shape.  

There I was in the middle of thousands of travelers.  There I was crossing oceans.  There I was, #GoingGoingGhana...

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Staceson "Frequent Flyer" Myles

In addition to being a Senior majoring in Supply Chain Managment at Howard University, Staceson Myles, was one of our See the World, BE the Future scholarship recipients for the 2017 Spring semester.




Please enjoy this single blog post in which Staceson recounts his time at the American International University in London amongst his other adventures abroad:

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Finals and Farewells

Last week, we heard all about Jordan’s final weekend trip to Oman as an exchange student at the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. As he inches towards his final days, everything is coming full-circle for this See the World, BE the Future scholarship recipient; and it is all bittersweet. It is time to end the experience of a lifetime, and at the same time, get ready for his final semester back at Howard University.

In the midst of preparations for finals, making presentations, and writing papers, Jordan has had little time to do anything outside of schoolwork. But this past weekend a farewell dinner was given in honor of the students. The dinner was held at the Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club, a local country club where all of the expats play golf. The dinner was simple, allowing time for picture taking and reminiscing on each student’s favorite experiences and the things that they’ll miss most.



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One Last Hurrah

It was a weekend in Doha, the site of the 2022 World Cup, and time spent at Pearl Qatar, amongst other things, when we last checked in with one of Black Entrepreneur’s See the World, BE the Future scholarship recipients, Jordan.

As the days dwindle down on his study abroad program, Jordan made himself a goal to do some final adventurous things before leaving. Particularly, like seeing more countries in the area. So he took a weekend trip with the same group of friends to Oman, “the Arizona of the Middle East”, a country right under the UAE.



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Doha Style

After a fairly quiet week of attending a friend’s performance of “The Little Shop Of Horrors” and making class presentations the last time we checked in with Jordan, he is back to adventurous times in United Arab Emirates.

This past weekend turned out to be one of Jordan’s favorite weekends. It started off with a trip to Doha, the site of the 2022 World Cup, with he and four other exchange students.



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The Winding Down

Every week Jordan has kept us excited with his new adventures and experiences. The last update was no different when after an intense week of test taking; he was able to get away to the Arabian Gulf and Oman. Now that this See the World, BE the Future scholarship recipient is approaching the end of the semester as well as his study abroad program, things are slowing down a bit. To give an example, the latest highlights of Jordan’s week consist of seeing a musical on campus and giving a few class presentations.

The AUS theater group performed the classic “Little Shop of Horrors” and because Jordan dabbled a little in theatre back in high school, it was cool for him to see a school production. Last Wednesday was closing night so he and a few of the other exchange students went to support an American exchange student that had a pretty big role as a doo-wop girl in the production.


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From Desert to Sea

Last week, we heard all about Jordan’s spring break adventures in Thailand—a well-deserved getaway for one of BE’s See the World, BE the Future scholarship recipients. Even though there was no real time to prepare, as soon as it was over he plunged in headfirst preparing for his midterms.

The first things Jordan noticed once he returned were that classes were empty and libraries were packed—signs of midterms and project week. AUS’s second midterm is scheduled immediately after spring break so 48 hours after returning from Bangkok, Jordan was met with his first midterm of the week. However, he was smart enough to study on the long flight back.

After an arduous week of test taking, the exchange office treated the students on the annual exchange trip to Musandam, Oman: a beautiful beachside area off of the Gulf, bordering the UAE. The group took a 3-hour drive from Sharjah to Oman at 6 A.M. Once clearing border patrol, it was only a 1-minute drive to the beach to board their boat. After a 30-minute boat ride deeper into the Gulf, they idled at the main hub for the trip. They spent hours jumping into the extremely salty waters of the Arabian Gulf to cool off from the beaming sun. And for the first time in his life, Jordan was able to snorkel.



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Thai Spring Break Adventures

Last time we checked in on Jordan, he was so excited about his spring break trip to Thailand that he feared a visit from his family would delay it. Well, this week we’re going to hear all about that greatly anticipated getaway!

Jordan says it was difficult for him to even imagine having a spring break when this whole study abroad experience in Emirates has already felt like a study vacation. Nevertheless, the opportunity to visit Thailand for the first time with a couple of other exchange students, led him to Southeast Asia.



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A Family that Vacays Together

Last time when we checked in with Jordan, one of BE’s See the World, BE the Future scholarship recipients, he was lighting up the city of Abu Dhabi and learning about the religious culture at theSheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This week, he was in for a pleasant surprise.

When Jordan’s family first told him they would be visiting, he was a little irritated because it would interfere with his spring break plans. He quickly got over it once they arrived, reminding him just how much he’d missed them. He soon realized how lucky he was when other exchange students said they envied his opportunity to have his father, mother, brother and two dear family friends witness how he’d adjusted to a new culture. Jordan soon became eager to make his family proud.

The first night they all dined at a Lebanese restaurant. It was nice for Jordan to hear his family’s first impressions of the city he had become so accustomed to. And it was wonderful to hear his dad entertain the group with stories of learning the Arabic signs, learning to use the train station, and learning the differences in culture.



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A Glimpse into the Abu Dhabian Future

Jordan Sparks’ “Arabian Nights” experience, sleeping and hanging out with friends in the desert, was just last week’s adventure. Every week is a brand new experience for BE’s See the World, BE the Future scholarship recipients.  And this week, was no different for Jordan.

The university’s exchange office took the group on a 2-hour trip to Abu Dhabi to see the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Saadiyat Island. The first time Jordan visited Abu Dhabi, he passed the Grand Mosque, viewing it in the distance from the highway. While it looked like a large spectacle at the time, it didn’t impress him until he saw it up close.



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Arabian Nights

When we left Jordan last, he was recovering from midterm exams and enjoying a weekend away at a fellow student’s home. Just like past weeks, BE’s See the World, BE the Future scholarship recipient has reported back to us on something exciting and new.

The exchange office scheduled for some of the students to do an overnight desert safari trip, and Jordan knew instantly he had to participate—dreaming about the Instagram pictures and Snapchats he would take and share. What else besides social media updates could rub in the fact to his classmates back home that he’s in the Middle East than pictures of him in the desert?



Jordan's "Sand of Brothers" with the beautiful desert landscape in the background.

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