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BE Is NOW Accepting Spring Scholarship Applications

unnamed.jpgIt’s that time again!

Black Entrepreneurs, Inc. is now taking applications for See the World, Be the Future scholarships for the 2016 spring semester. We are looking for exceptional Black students who are enrolled at a four-year college/university and have been accepted into a study abroad program.

If you are an exceptional Black student in need of travel funds, download the BE student application and apply! These scholarships will provide each deserving student round-trip airfare to and from their study abroad location.

The BE Directors and Sponsors are looking for enthusiastic students who are eager for such a life-changing experience to expand their horizons and maximize their potential future opportunities.

Our See the World, Be the Future scholarship has already assisted other exceptional Black students achieve their goal of seeing the world while still working on college credits toward their degree. This is your opportunity to join their elite club. Your future is now!

For more detailed information on the Black Entrepreneurs, Inc. organization and the See the World, Be the Future scholarship, please visit our Students page and apply today! 

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Every Day We Spend's Interview with Jared Jenkins

Our Founder/President, Jared S. Jenkins, gave an interview emphasizing the importance of international business for the future of the Black community with Black-owned business directory website, Every Day We Spend.

For Jared's interview, go to  Also, make sure to checkout Every Day We Spend's Saint Louis-based (currently) online Black-owned business directory and continue to support Black business as much as possible.  As their slogan goes, "Everyday we spend, why not with Black businesses?"


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You Could BE the Next Scholarship Recipient!


We at Black Entrepreneurs, Inc. are in the process of accepting applications from exceptional Black students for our See the World, BE the Future scholarship for this upcoming fall semester.  With an increasingly globalized society and demand for more worldly-minded individuals, our BE Directors and Sponsors understand what a considerable edge in the competitive global marketplace is afforded to traveled and cultured future entrepreneurs.  By taking advantage of our See the World, BE the Future scholarship, you will be awarded with fully funded travel fare (round trip) for your pivotal and life changing experience on your study abroad.

We have already had the pleasure of sending other exceptional Black students abroad as a part of our See the World, BE the Future program.  And our Directors and Sponsors are enthusiastically looking forward to its continued success!

If you are a Black student looking to reach your highest potential through this unique and exclusive opportunity, please visit to learn how to become a BE student member and apply for a See the World, BE the Future scholarship.  Your journey starts now!

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Goodbyes & Gratitude

Matt’s Single Step

The ancient Tao philosopher Lao Tzu may have said it best when he stated, “A Journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.”  For Matt Anderson, this quote rings all too true.  Just a short while ago, this young future black entrepreneur began his own journey with a life changing ‘single step’ when he applied for a study abroad program at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.  The decision to embark upon a summer long semester in Prague by himself can only be described as brave as it cannot be denied that many would not have had the courage to step outside of their comfort zone and attempt this wild adventure!  As we’ve come to learn more about Matt, it’s easy to understand how his ambition, grit, and thirst for knowledge must have easily overcame any feelings of apprehension about setting forth on such a significant and solitary passage.


Finishing Strong

Last we left Matt, he was finishing his semester strong and preparing for his final exams.  With his exams and coursework successfully completed, Matt was now faced with some conflicting emotions, the satisfaction and accomplishment upon having completed his semester, paired with the feelings of sadness and sentimentalism having to leave what he called his home and friends for the summer.


Approaching the conclusion of his time in Europe, Matt was determined to live his last days in Prague to the fullest.  Since a friend from Kansas State (currently living in the Netherlands) came to visit him for his last week, this proved not so difficult.  Matt stated that it felt surreal, seeing someone from “back home” right alongside him in such a faraway place.  However, spending time with a familiar face made his final few days in Prague all the more enjoyable.   


Home Sweet Kansas

Believe it or not, our fun, fearless, and favorite traveler has now returned back to home sweet Kansas!  In fact, as you read this post, Matt is most likely taking some time to recoup from his busy semester.  All that learning and exploring definitely warrants a few days of relaxation!  We hope Matt is able to unwind and enjoy some nice, refreshing air conditioning, as this was one luxury he admits was greatly missed during his time spent in Prague!


Final Thoughts

Matt recapped his numerous adventures in Europe, which included Prague, Budapest, Barcelona, and Berlin.  Although he acknowledged that it is near impossible to rank them, Matt remarked that he enjoyed Prague most of all.  However, if you’re looking for a good meal, he recommended Barcelona; as  deliciously fresh seafood simply cannot be beat!  


Whether you’re flying thousands of miles across the world for a study abroad or going on a short road trip for the weekend, we’ve all experienced the ‘bumps in the road’ that undoubtedly accompany any trip or vacation.  As we seen with Matt, his travels were certainly no exception! Uncomfortable train conditions, extremely hot temperatures, and no cell phone… these are just a few of the ‘bumps’ that Matt encountered, yet overcame during his journey.  Matt is the first to admit that these obstacles were well worth the experiences that came with his semester abroad, and goes further to say that this opportunity has greatly surpassed his initial expectations!  Not only was he able to gain a wealth of knowledge regarding some new customs, cultures, and people, he was most importantly able to learn some things about himself as well.  To further demonstrate this and close out our blog profile on Matt, we’re using Matt’s own words, in which we believe best summarizes his study abroad experience!


“ I feel as if studying abroad this summer was a once in a lifetime experience, something that every college student should do if the opportunity presents itself!....This summer has really taught me a lot about the world, and I learned a lot about myself. Over the past few weeks I’ve become more cultured, a better problem solver, better public speaker, better navigator, and more mature….There is no doubt in my mind I will be going back soon."


    ~Matt Anderson~ 




Matt wishes to express his most sincere gratitude to the Black Entrepreneurs, Inc. Sponsors  for making his dream of studying in Europe a reality.  In addition to this, he would like to thank his family for the love and support they have shown him over the years.  


It has been a pleasure bringing you weekly updates on Matt and his study abroad experience in Prague.  We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning and exploring along with him throughout the semester and look forward to sharing other adventures from future scholarship recipients with you.


BE, along with our Sponsors, will continue to support Black students in their entrepreneurial endeavors.  If you, like Matt, are interested in creating some unique and unforgettable memories through a study abroad program, please visit our See the World, BE the Future page for additional information regarding our See the World, BE the Future Scholarship.


Matt's Last Photos of Prague



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Finals, Friends, and Unforgettable Memories

It’s hard to believe that it was just a short time ago when Matt Anderson began his life altering journey by earning a See the World, BE the Future scholarship for his study abroad trip. Matt, who studies Business Management at Kansas State University, chose a study abroad program at Charles University, located in Prague, Czech Republic. Quite a long way from his K-State Wildcats! Despite the distance, Matt eagerly anticipated the opportunity to learn about Prague’s history, architecture, and language (Czech) by becoming immersed in a completely new culture!

Fast forward 6 weeks, and we find Matt’s voyage in Prague nearing an end…and what an adventure it’s been! With the conclusion of his semester abroad quickly approaching, Matt is more determined than ever to stay the course with his class work in order to finish the summer term strong. After some very eventful and action-packed weekends, Matt decided it would be best to lay low this past weekend in order to focus on his studies (so unfortunately, no pictures this week).  He’s spent much of his recent time preparing for a culminating presentation, and is certain that the many hours he’s devoted to working on this project will pay off. Matt reports that he’s pleased with his final product, and feels confident that his finished work adequately reflects the perseverance and dedication he’s put forth this summer.

In addition to finishing this important presentation, Matt has also been juggling his regular class schedule as well as the responsibility of completing daily assignments. On top of all this, he’s still somehow found time to squeeze in some productive study sessions for his upcoming finals. It’s clear that in this quest to learn more about Prague and it’s culture, Matt is also picking up some essential time management skills as well! With all of the stress that undoubtedly comes with the end of a school term, Matt could certainly use a little R&R. He looks forward to the reprieve of this upcoming weekend, as one of his college friends (currently living in Amsterdam) will be visiting him in Prague. Matt’s excited about the chance to show off the many sights and sounds of this beautiful city he’s come to learn so much about.

While Matt admits that he’s found his semester abroad challenging, he deems it well worth the effort. He is filled with appreciation and gratitude for this opportunity, and looks forward to his future as a result of his studies abroad. As with all good things, this too must come to an end. As can be expected, Matt’s recently been feeling homesick for his friends and family. After an unbelievable summer, he’s ready to return home to Overland Park, Kansas, where he will spend the remainder of the summer. With that said, he’s determined to enjoy every last minute of his remaining time in Prague! No doubt his last days in this beautiful European city will provide plenty of time to create a few more unforgettable memories to add to those he has already accumulated this summer!

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