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Finals and Farewells

Last week, we heard all about Jordan’s final weekend trip to Oman as an exchange student at the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. As he inches towards his final days, everything is coming full-circle for this See the World, BE the Future scholarship recipient; and it is all bittersweet. It is time to end the experience of a lifetime, and at the same time, get ready for his final semester back at Howard University.

In the midst of preparations for finals, making presentations, and writing papers, Jordan has had little time to do anything outside of schoolwork. But this past weekend a farewell dinner was given in honor of the students. The dinner was held at the Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club, a local country club where all of the expats play golf. The dinner was simple, allowing time for picture taking and reminiscing on each student’s favorite experiences and the things that they’ll miss most.



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One Last Hurrah

It was a weekend in Doha, the site of the 2022 World Cup, and time spent at Pearl Qatar, amongst other things, when we last checked in with one of Black Entrepreneur’s See the World, BE the Future scholarship recipients, Jordan.

As the days dwindle down on his study abroad program, Jordan made himself a goal to do some final adventurous things before leaving. Particularly, like seeing more countries in the area. So he took a weekend trip with the same group of friends to Oman, “the Arizona of the Middle East”, a country right under the UAE.



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Doha Style

After a fairly quiet week of attending a friend’s performance of “The Little Shop Of Horrors” and making class presentations the last time we checked in with Jordan, he is back to adventurous times in United Arab Emirates.

This past weekend turned out to be one of Jordan’s favorite weekends. It started off with a trip to Doha, the site of the 2022 World Cup, with he and four other exchange students.



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The Winding Down

Every week Jordan has kept us excited with his new adventures and experiences. The last update was no different when after an intense week of test taking; he was able to get away to the Arabian Gulf and Oman. Now that this See the World, BE the Future scholarship recipient is approaching the end of the semester as well as his study abroad program, things are slowing down a bit. To give an example, the latest highlights of Jordan’s week consist of seeing a musical on campus and giving a few class presentations.

The AUS theater group performed the classic “Little Shop of Horrors” and because Jordan dabbled a little in theatre back in high school, it was cool for him to see a school production. Last Wednesday was closing night so he and a few of the other exchange students went to support an American exchange student that had a pretty big role as a doo-wop girl in the production.


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From Desert to Sea

Last week, we heard all about Jordan’s spring break adventures in Thailand—a well-deserved getaway for one of BE’s See the World, BE the Future scholarship recipients. Even though there was no real time to prepare, as soon as it was over he plunged in headfirst preparing for his midterms.

The first things Jordan noticed once he returned were that classes were empty and libraries were packed—signs of midterms and project week. AUS’s second midterm is scheduled immediately after spring break so 48 hours after returning from Bangkok, Jordan was met with his first midterm of the week. However, he was smart enough to study on the long flight back.

After an arduous week of test taking, the exchange office treated the students on the annual exchange trip to Musandam, Oman: a beautiful beachside area off of the Gulf, bordering the UAE. The group took a 3-hour drive from Sharjah to Oman at 6 A.M. Once clearing border patrol, it was only a 1-minute drive to the beach to board their boat. After a 30-minute boat ride deeper into the Gulf, they idled at the main hub for the trip. They spent hours jumping into the extremely salty waters of the Arabian Gulf to cool off from the beaming sun. And for the first time in his life, Jordan was able to snorkel.



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