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Finals and Farewells

Last week, we heard all about Jordan’s final weekend trip to Oman as an exchange student at the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. As he inches towards his final days, everything is coming full-circle for this See the World, BE the Future scholarship recipient; and it is all bittersweet. It is time to end the experience of a lifetime, and at the same time, get ready for his final semester back at Howard University.

In the midst of preparations for finals, making presentations, and writing papers, Jordan has had little time to do anything outside of schoolwork. But this past weekend a farewell dinner was given in honor of the students. The dinner was held at the Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club, a local country club where all of the expats play golf. The dinner was simple, allowing time for picture taking and reminiscing on each student’s favorite experiences and the things that they’ll miss most.




Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club; where the farewell dinner was held.


“Personally, what I will miss is simply that feeling of being new to a culture… and the constant welcoming and attention from residents and students who are eager to hear about the United States, my background, and how I’m adjusting.” Jordan also says that getting used to hearing a different language spoken, different clothes, and overall a different atmosphere was something he learned to enjoy. The experience of being an outsider was unique and special as well as getting a chance to grow and soak in so much of the Arab culture.



All of the exchange students at the buffet.


Before coming to the UAE, Jordan had made a trip to Cuba and six years before that, to England. So the one thing he reflects on, and that he’ll miss, is the experience of traveling to so many different countries while being in the UAE. In the United States, traveling to, and through, different states is always fun, but getting the chance to visit different countries, countries in such close proximity, has been amazing for him. And getting the chance to travel to Thailand, with layovers in India, Oman, and Qatar, has changed his life forever.



Group picture consisting of advisors, peer advisors, and students.


Check back next time to read about the final adventures Jordan will share with us as he prepares to return home!

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