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Finals, Friends, and Unforgettable Memories

It’s hard to believe that it was just a short time ago when Matt Anderson began his life altering journey by earning a See the World, BE the Future scholarship for his study abroad trip. Matt, who studies Business Management at Kansas State University, chose a study abroad program at Charles University, located in Prague, Czech Republic. Quite a long way from his K-State Wildcats! Despite the distance, Matt eagerly anticipated the opportunity to learn about Prague’s history, architecture, and language (Czech) by becoming immersed in a completely new culture!

Fast forward 6 weeks, and we find Matt’s voyage in Prague nearing an end…and what an adventure it’s been! With the conclusion of his semester abroad quickly approaching, Matt is more determined than ever to stay the course with his class work in order to finish the summer term strong. After some very eventful and action-packed weekends, Matt decided it would be best to lay low this past weekend in order to focus on his studies (so unfortunately, no pictures this week).  He’s spent much of his recent time preparing for a culminating presentation, and is certain that the many hours he’s devoted to working on this project will pay off. Matt reports that he’s pleased with his final product, and feels confident that his finished work adequately reflects the perseverance and dedication he’s put forth this summer.

In addition to finishing this important presentation, Matt has also been juggling his regular class schedule as well as the responsibility of completing daily assignments. On top of all this, he’s still somehow found time to squeeze in some productive study sessions for his upcoming finals. It’s clear that in this quest to learn more about Prague and it’s culture, Matt is also picking up some essential time management skills as well! With all of the stress that undoubtedly comes with the end of a school term, Matt could certainly use a little R&R. He looks forward to the reprieve of this upcoming weekend, as one of his college friends (currently living in Amsterdam) will be visiting him in Prague. Matt’s excited about the chance to show off the many sights and sounds of this beautiful city he’s come to learn so much about.

While Matt admits that he’s found his semester abroad challenging, he deems it well worth the effort. He is filled with appreciation and gratitude for this opportunity, and looks forward to his future as a result of his studies abroad. As with all good things, this too must come to an end. As can be expected, Matt’s recently been feeling homesick for his friends and family. After an unbelievable summer, he’s ready to return home to Overland Park, Kansas, where he will spend the remainder of the summer. With that said, he’s determined to enjoy every last minute of his remaining time in Prague! No doubt his last days in this beautiful European city will provide plenty of time to create a few more unforgettable memories to add to those he has already accumulated this summer!

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