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#ConcentrationCoordinationConfidence - Arts in Ghana

It's been one quick week in Ghana.  My first 10 days in Accra have served as a quick start to four months of orientation.  On Saturday August 12th, my program and I took a tour of Accra, which is both a region in Ghana, a business district, and the capital city.  One of the most comforting things about this West African country isn't just the pace of life, which is calm and refreshing like Mississippi sweet tea, but also the smoothness of the paved roads, a physical sign of development, and the consistent caress of breeze flowing in from the Atlantic Ocean.  During the tour of Ghana's capital city, we made pit stops at The National Theater, The Military Hospital, Macola Market, and the Aya Center for Leadership and Development.  There was quite a bit of walking which gave us an opportunity to familiarize with the geography of the city.



Street Walkers - Mid-Afternoon in Accra

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