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Something I believe I will be saying for the rest of my life is: I am an experiential learner.  Being an experiential learner means that a course or experience is most useful to me when I am within the environment where I can reference and pull from the lessons of the classroom.  In this instance, I decided to study abroad in Ghana during my senior year of college.  Most wouldn't, sometimes I wonder if I should have.  Be that as it may, I am here.  When thinking about how best I could make use of my four months in this very calm and historically relevant West African country, I knew that I also wanted to be a member of the workforce.  The best way to do that given the options that were presented to me was to apply and secure an internship.  I believe that working for a Ghanaian based institution will show me something that my classes cannot: how people collaborate here, how morning traffic works, how human beings operate outside of the university setting, etc.


Yemi ever ready to tackle her internship

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