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#WeekofCelebration: Jubilee and International Student Hostels Hall Week

This past week, I celebrated the founding of ISH, my dorm, which is better known as the International Students Hostel.


Ebony greets the crowd of students before diving into her hit single "Sponsor"

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 This week was full of firsts, with Monday being the first day of class!



 The University of Ghana CIEE Fall Class of 2017


At the University of Ghana, undergraduate courses are called lectures, the quintessential aspect of every college experience.  I had high expectations for lectures, my first week of classes did not go as smoothly as I had hoped...

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After a whirlwind of anticipation - wrapping up a summer internship on Monday, going home to Boston on Tuesday, and running errands and packing on Wednesday - I finally found myself standing in Terminal E of Logan International Airport.  My passports and carry-on in hand, I waved goodbye to my family numerous times until I finally passed through security.  Ahead of me was an almost 12-hour flight to Paris and subsequent layover before my second flight to Ghana.  Behind me were loved ones curious and nervous about how my semester in West Africa would take shape.  

There I was in the middle of thousands of travelers.  There I was crossing oceans.  There I was, #GoingGoingGhana...

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