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Well-Deserved Rest for the Weary

Last week when Jordan was having his “when in Rome” experience, he was just starting to become totally acclimated to Emirati culture. This week, Jordan spent some time with a native family and got a little taste of the TLC he’s missed being away from family.

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Doing as the Romans Do

Following Jordan these past seven weeks, we’ve watched him become well acquainted with the ways of Emirati culture as he’s settled in to his temporary home. We were even privy to his short-lived case of homesickness last week, the AUS Carnival, and his trip to Fujairah.

Well, just as every prior week, BE’s See the World, BE the Future scholarship recipient is on to new adventures! This time, organized by the exchange office for the students, it’s a trip to Global Village (claimed to be the world’s largest tourism, leisure, and entertainment project). Global Village is essentially a massive area off the freeway, pretty much in the middle of nowhere, between Dubai and Sharjah, featuring more than 30 different shopping pavilions representing different countries.



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A Carnival of a Time

Last week one of the See the World, BE the Future scholarship recipients, Jordan Sparks was in the throes of campus life activities. With a full week of the Club Fair, the unexpected rain showers interrupting daily commutes, and ending the week with an exciting Football match, he has settled in quite nicely.

It has been one month since Jordan landed in Emirates. And this week, he admits that a little homesickness has finally crept upon him. But the AUS (American University of Sharjah) Carnival was just in time to help cure his longing for Texas and the US when, amongst the numerous food trucks and carnival games for he and his fellow students to spend their money on, there were live performances by bands and singing from some of the student body, he was reminded of the local carnivals he grew up attending. No, there was no John Legend to perform, a huge Ferris wheel, or any Rodeo competitions, but the carnival gave him the taste and feel of home.


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Never a Dull Moment in Sharjah

Last week, we reported on Jordan’s weekend excursion in Dubai with some fellow classmates. Now that this hardworking exchange student is back in class, he tells us that campus life is just as exciting and eventful. There was a full week of the Club Fair, where campus clubs try to attract students with good food and fancy booths to join them. The fair, held in the Student Center, is also one of the few events on campus that the Sheikh or the Chancellor will show up to. And the Club Fair is an opportunity for students to get great cultural dishes such as, fat pots of rice, huge bowls of chicken and the American Club’s chicken burritos.


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Stepping Out in Dubai

Last week when we left Jordan, one of Black Entrepreneurs Inc.’s, See the World, BE the Future scholarship recipients, he was immersed in a new kind of culture shock. This week he reports back to us with new experiences in diversity in the Middle East!

Jordan, and a few other exchange students, decided to split expenses and have a weekend excursion in Dubai. Not only were they anxious to find out what the nightlife was all about, but also they wanted to revisit the Jumeirah Beach from when they first arrived orientation week.


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New Lessons in Diversity

Last week, Jordan was continuing his love affair with the UAE that started in his high school days. This week, he reports the new respect he’s gaining on cultural diversities. After all, that is a big part of what BE's See the World, BE the Future program is all about.



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A Deeper Love and Understanding

Instead of waking up and eating a nice breakfast, going to church, or watching the Houston Texan’s game on Sunday morning, Jordan’s first class of the semester in Sharjah started promptly at 2:00 P.M. Sunday also marked the end of orientation week for him and all of the new students. As he reflected upon what he’d learned the first week, he was coming to have a better understanding of Middle Eastern culture.


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The Palace He Calls Home

After a brutal 15-hour flight on the upscale Fly Emirates Airline, Jordan Sparks touched down in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The cramped space, uncomfortable sleeping positions, and subpar movie selections was soon overshadowed by the feelings of curiosity and anxiety of the experience he’d soon be taking in...

jordansparks 4                                                                                                                                                                                      Jordan Sparks 

Jordan is a Junior International Business major at Howard University studying abroad at the United Arab Emirates' American University of Sharjah. Once he made the decision to participate in the Study Abroad ISEP Direct! program, his family asked him daily how he felt—if he were nervous, excited, or what; but all he felt was anxiousness to see what he’d gotten himself into. ISEP Direct! is a program for undergrad and graduate students available for either one year or a semester from all member institutions. Students will travel to the Middle East to study at the American University of Sharjah, taking courses in English, but encouraged to take advantage of the numerous courses in Arabic language, literature and Middle East culture, history and contemporary politics.

Jordan is one of our See the World, BE the Future (STWBTF) scholarship recipients.  He is also the STWBTF scholar that we have chosen to profile for his study aboard to UAE for this Spring 2016 cycle.  So if you would like to learn more about Jordan and what all has happened with him in the last week on his trip to the UAE, come back each week for the next 5 months for the latest! 

BE Sparks pic1

The main administrative building at the 'mini palace' that Jordan will call school for the next five months.

After his arrival, his drive to the campus revealed sights that simply blew him away. It was around 7 P.M. and he could see bright lights shining from a huge dome-like building, creating a huge spectacle. Instantly, he thought it must be 'the Super Bowl of Emirates' but when he came closer, the extravagant ‘spectacle’ he saw from afar turned out to be the announcement of a simple Alumni dinner.

BE JSparks pic 5

The School of Business Administration building that Jordan will be taking most of his classes.

Needless to say, Jordan did not get much sleep that night.  So early the next morning, he ended up taking a walk around this magnificent campus and was just as astounded as he was the night before when he realized that his home for the five months would be more like a mini palace than a university.

BE Sparks pic2

Rearview of the main administrative building and a personal view of Jordan's walk on to campus from his dorm room.

On the second day of being on campus, the Chancellor and the Provost gave speeches to the parents and freshmen students. Jordan quickly learned that there is a common theme among nervous parents of every culture, handing over their child to study far away from home. Only 16% of the university’s students are Emiratis. So parents spend a lot of money sending and entrusting their kids to the university’s faculty. The fact that there are a small percentage of local students is how the university remains competitive and gains recognition, not only in the Middle East, but also around the world.

Some of the information provided on Jordan’s first day was the same every student gets, but instead of tightly going over the dorm rules multiple times with, “don’t mess up or you’ll be kicked out,” the Director glossed over the rules and spent most of the time showing Jordan the amenities of the campus: fitness room, TV room, laundry facility, games, etc. Jordan was overwhelmed to learn that everything was free for the students and quickly made the comparison to his home university, Howard. And the best part was to learn that there would be a cleaning service coming twice a week to clean the student’s rooms and bathrooms.

BE Sparks pic3

A view of the Mosque on campus, right across from the Administrative building.

Outside of the U.S., specifically in the Middle East, higher education isn’t something that everyone has access to or are privileged enough to have. It is simply not as accessible as it is in the United States. Jordan clearly realized this and just how lower income families and students are hindered from an experience such as this when he was initially catered to upon his arrival, feeling as though he and the other students were attending a private country club with endless perks. To his chagrin, he feels this further perpetuates the cycle of keeping people at the bottom while others remain on top.

With that aside, Jordan is confident that he will continue to enjoy every bit of his time in United Arab of Emirates and is grateful to have the opportunity to study abroad, and for the doors that opened for him to receive a higher education as an American student at the United Arab Emirates’ American University of Sharjah.

BE Sparks pic 4

A look at the new students (including Jordan) studying abroad for the semester.

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STWBTF Spring 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Please join us in congratulating our Spring 2016 See the World, BE the Future scholarship recipients, Erika Peterson, Jordan Sparks, and Yazmeane Watson!

Originally from Peoria, Arizona, Erika Peterson is currently a student at Howard University’s School of Business and majors in Supply Chain Management.  This semester, she will be studying in Strasbourg, France at the University of Strasbourg’s EM Strasbourg Business School.


Originally from Houston, Texas, Jordan Sparks is also a student at Howard University’s School of Business, and majors in International Business with a minor in Marketing.  This semester, he will be studying in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates at the American University of Sharjah.


Originally from Newark, New Jersey, Yazmeane Watson is currently a student at the University of Florida and is double-majoring in Criminology and African American Studies.  This semester, she will be studying the University of Florida faculty-led course, African Americans in Paris, in Paris, France.


Please join us again in congratulating these exceptional students and wish them a safe, educational, and overall wonderful experience on their respective trips abroad!

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BE Is NOW Accepting Spring Scholarship Applications

unnamed.jpgIt’s that time again!

Black Entrepreneurs, Inc. is now taking applications for See the World, Be the Future scholarships for the 2016 spring semester. We are looking for exceptional Black students who are enrolled at a four-year college/university and have been accepted into a study abroad program.

If you are an exceptional Black student in need of travel funds, download the BE student application and apply! These scholarships will provide each deserving student round-trip airfare to and from their study abroad location.

The BE Directors and Sponsors are looking for enthusiastic students who are eager for such a life-changing experience to expand their horizons and maximize their potential future opportunities.

Our See the World, Be the Future scholarship has already assisted other exceptional Black students achieve their goal of seeing the world while still working on college credits toward their degree. This is your opportunity to join their elite club. Your future is now!

For more detailed information on the Black Entrepreneurs, Inc. organization and the See the World, Be the Future scholarship, please visit our Students page and apply today! 

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Every Day We Spend's Interview with Jared Jenkins

Our Founder/President, Jared S. Jenkins, gave an interview emphasizing the importance of international business for the future of the Black community with Black-owned business directory website, Every Day We Spend.

For Jared's interview, go to  Also, make sure to checkout Every Day We Spend's Saint Louis-based (currently) online Black-owned business directory and continue to support Black business as much as possible.  As their slogan goes, "Everyday we spend, why not with Black businesses?"


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You Could BE the Next Scholarship Recipient!


We at Black Entrepreneurs, Inc. are in the process of accepting applications from exceptional Black students for our See the World, BE the Future scholarship for this upcoming fall semester.  With an increasingly globalized society and demand for more worldly-minded individuals, our BE Directors and Sponsors understand what a considerable edge in the competitive global marketplace is afforded to traveled and cultured future entrepreneurs.  By taking advantage of our See the World, BE the Future scholarship, you will be awarded with fully funded travel fare (round trip) for your pivotal and life changing experience on your study abroad.

We have already had the pleasure of sending other exceptional Black students abroad as a part of our See the World, BE the Future program.  And our Directors and Sponsors are enthusiastically looking forward to its continued success!

If you are a Black student looking to reach your highest potential through this unique and exclusive opportunity, please visit to learn how to become a BE student member and apply for a See the World, BE the Future scholarship.  Your journey starts now!

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Goodbyes & Gratitude

Matt’s Single Step

The ancient Tao philosopher Lao Tzu may have said it best when he stated, “A Journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.”  For Matt Anderson, this quote rings all too true.  Just a short while ago, this young future black entrepreneur began his own journey with a life changing ‘single step’ when he applied for a study abroad program at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.  The decision to embark upon a summer long semester in Prague by himself can only be described as brave as it cannot be denied that many would not have had the courage to step outside of their comfort zone and attempt this wild adventure!  As we’ve come to learn more about Matt, it’s easy to understand how his ambition, grit, and thirst for knowledge must have easily overcame any feelings of apprehension about setting forth on such a significant and solitary passage.


Finishing Strong

Last we left Matt, he was finishing his semester strong and preparing for his final exams.  With his exams and coursework successfully completed, Matt was now faced with some conflicting emotions, the satisfaction and accomplishment upon having completed his semester, paired with the feelings of sadness and sentimentalism having to leave what he called his home and friends for the summer.


Approaching the conclusion of his time in Europe, Matt was determined to live his last days in Prague to the fullest.  Since a friend from Kansas State (currently living in the Netherlands) came to visit him for his last week, this proved not so difficult.  Matt stated that it felt surreal, seeing someone from “back home” right alongside him in such a faraway place.  However, spending time with a familiar face made his final few days in Prague all the more enjoyable.   


Home Sweet Kansas

Believe it or not, our fun, fearless, and favorite traveler has now returned back to home sweet Kansas!  In fact, as you read this post, Matt is most likely taking some time to recoup from his busy semester.  All that learning and exploring definitely warrants a few days of relaxation!  We hope Matt is able to unwind and enjoy some nice, refreshing air conditioning, as this was one luxury he admits was greatly missed during his time spent in Prague!


Final Thoughts

Matt recapped his numerous adventures in Europe, which included Prague, Budapest, Barcelona, and Berlin.  Although he acknowledged that it is near impossible to rank them, Matt remarked that he enjoyed Prague most of all.  However, if you’re looking for a good meal, he recommended Barcelona; as  deliciously fresh seafood simply cannot be beat!  


Whether you’re flying thousands of miles across the world for a study abroad or going on a short road trip for the weekend, we’ve all experienced the ‘bumps in the road’ that undoubtedly accompany any trip or vacation.  As we seen with Matt, his travels were certainly no exception! Uncomfortable train conditions, extremely hot temperatures, and no cell phone… these are just a few of the ‘bumps’ that Matt encountered, yet overcame during his journey.  Matt is the first to admit that these obstacles were well worth the experiences that came with his semester abroad, and goes further to say that this opportunity has greatly surpassed his initial expectations!  Not only was he able to gain a wealth of knowledge regarding some new customs, cultures, and people, he was most importantly able to learn some things about himself as well.  To further demonstrate this and close out our blog profile on Matt, we’re using Matt’s own words, in which we believe best summarizes his study abroad experience!


“ I feel as if studying abroad this summer was a once in a lifetime experience, something that every college student should do if the opportunity presents itself!....This summer has really taught me a lot about the world, and I learned a lot about myself. Over the past few weeks I’ve become more cultured, a better problem solver, better public speaker, better navigator, and more mature….There is no doubt in my mind I will be going back soon."


    ~Matt Anderson~ 




Matt wishes to express his most sincere gratitude to the Black Entrepreneurs, Inc. Sponsors  for making his dream of studying in Europe a reality.  In addition to this, he would like to thank his family for the love and support they have shown him over the years.  


It has been a pleasure bringing you weekly updates on Matt and his study abroad experience in Prague.  We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning and exploring along with him throughout the semester and look forward to sharing other adventures from future scholarship recipients with you.


BE, along with our Sponsors, will continue to support Black students in their entrepreneurial endeavors.  If you, like Matt, are interested in creating some unique and unforgettable memories through a study abroad program, please visit our See the World, BE the Future page for additional information regarding our See the World, BE the Future Scholarship.


Matt's Last Photos of Prague



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Finals, Friends, and Unforgettable Memories

It’s hard to believe that it was just a short time ago when Matt Anderson began his life altering journey by earning a See the World, BE the Future scholarship for his study abroad trip. Matt, who studies Business Management at Kansas State University, chose a study abroad program at Charles University, located in Prague, Czech Republic. Quite a long way from his K-State Wildcats! Despite the distance, Matt eagerly anticipated the opportunity to learn about Prague’s history, architecture, and language (Czech) by becoming immersed in a completely new culture!

Fast forward 6 weeks, and we find Matt’s voyage in Prague nearing an end…and what an adventure it’s been! With the conclusion of his semester abroad quickly approaching, Matt is more determined than ever to stay the course with his class work in order to finish the summer term strong. After some very eventful and action-packed weekends, Matt decided it would be best to lay low this past weekend in order to focus on his studies (so unfortunately, no pictures this week).  He’s spent much of his recent time preparing for a culminating presentation, and is certain that the many hours he’s devoted to working on this project will pay off. Matt reports that he’s pleased with his final product, and feels confident that his finished work adequately reflects the perseverance and dedication he’s put forth this summer.

In addition to finishing this important presentation, Matt has also been juggling his regular class schedule as well as the responsibility of completing daily assignments. On top of all this, he’s still somehow found time to squeeze in some productive study sessions for his upcoming finals. It’s clear that in this quest to learn more about Prague and it’s culture, Matt is also picking up some essential time management skills as well! With all of the stress that undoubtedly comes with the end of a school term, Matt could certainly use a little R&R. He looks forward to the reprieve of this upcoming weekend, as one of his college friends (currently living in Amsterdam) will be visiting him in Prague. Matt’s excited about the chance to show off the many sights and sounds of this beautiful city he’s come to learn so much about.

While Matt admits that he’s found his semester abroad challenging, he deems it well worth the effort. He is filled with appreciation and gratitude for this opportunity, and looks forward to his future as a result of his studies abroad. As with all good things, this too must come to an end. As can be expected, Matt’s recently been feeling homesick for his friends and family. After an unbelievable summer, he’s ready to return home to Overland Park, Kansas, where he will spend the remainder of the summer. With that said, he’s determined to enjoy every last minute of his remaining time in Prague! No doubt his last days in this beautiful European city will provide plenty of time to create a few more unforgettable memories to add to those he has already accumulated this summer!

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Reaching New Heights in Barcelona

Berlin, Budapest, and the Charles Bridge…these are just a few of the places that Matt has already had the pleasure of experiencing thus far in his study abroad trip to Prague.  Being surrounded by all of this unique and varied culture, one can only imagine all the wonderful things Matt has learned, and the degree to which he has grown.  While his semester in Prague may be winding down, his studies, learning, and personal growth haven’t stopped quite yet!

Matt’s fifth week began with a much anticipated visit to the Petřín Lookout Tower, an extremely popular tourist attraction in Prague.  This landmark, which bears a close resemblance to Paris’ Eifel Tower, was built in 1891 and was used as an observation and transmission tower.  After a tiring and lengthy climb to the top, 63.5 meters to be exact, Matt was able to enjoy a breathtaking view of Prague’s beautiful countryside.  While his ascent may have been exhausting, Matt agrees that this once in a lifetime view was well worth the exertion!


Petřín Lookout Tower + View




Following his outing to the Petřín Tower, Matt’s adventurous spirit brought him to the innovative and culture-rich city of Barcelona, Spain.  This urban area is the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea.  Matt was lucky enough to experience this energetic atmosphere firsthand!  He described Barcelona as, “amazing to say the least”.  With people and cars bustling everywhere, he was completely immersed in the lively city life.  Surrounded by all that exquisite culture, Matt quickly became a busy man!  He was able to participate in some truly unique and distinctive cultural experiences, beginning with a visit to the colossal Tibidabo, the highest point in the city of Barcelona.  At its summit, which rises to 1,681 ft, sits the Sagrat Cor Church.  Matt had a chance to observe some truly spectacular views as he was lifted to the top of this peak via ski tram.


Sagrat Cor Church and Tbidabo




After some time spent enjoying the city’s architecture, Matt decided that a trip to the beach was the perfect remedy for Barcelona’s hot weather!  He had a great time relaxing on Spain’s beautiful seashore, while also cooling off by taking a dip in the Mediterranean Sea.  While Matt appreciated the pervasive beauty of Barcelona, one thing that was not quite as appealing was the cost.  Somewhat unsurprisingly, this major global city was the most expensive that Matt has visited throughout his travels abroad this summer.


Barcelona Seashore




Matt was even able to extend his weekend excursion!  Due to the Czech holiday celebrating Saints Cyril and Methodius, his usual Monday classes were cancelled.  Thus, giving him an extra day to experience the beautiful Barcelona!  With all the time and effort he’s put into his studies and coursework, we think he’s definitely earned it!


Matt admits that he’s becoming excited to return home, and is eagerly anticipating the chance to spend time with his family and friends (along with some serious AC).  With that said, he’s determined to finish this semester strong, and is looking forward to his remaining time in Prague.  What a whirlwind summer it has been for Matt…and the excitement’s not quite over yet! 

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Nothing like some R&R and the Charles Bridge to Soothe the Homesick

Although hard to believe, Matt is already in the midst of his fourth week in Prague.  He’s had quite the journey so far!  Not only has he been busy working hard on his studies and coursework, but Matt’s weekends could hardly be described as dull!  With activities including train rides to Berlin, followed by world renowned cathedrals in Budapest, it’s clear that he’s been getting his fill of some intriguing and unique European culture.

Week four into his study abroad program, Matt finds himself (understandably) experiencing a touch of homesickness.  Surprisingly, one thing that reminds him of home is the weather in Prague.   Varying in hot and cool days, Matt notes that it is very similar to that of the springtime in his own home state of Kansas.  Despite this bit of nostalgia, he assures us that Prague is most definitely the place he wants to be.  One thing’s for sure, Matt’s studies are certainly keeping him busy enough to take his mind off missing home, as he continues to work with diligence towards his schoolwork.  His demanding summer semester is well underway.  He has been creating multiple presentations while also preparing for upcoming tests with some intense study sessions.  We applaud his hard work, and wish him luck in his approaching exams. No doubt his efforts and determination will pay off!

With all that hard work, Matt was ready for a restful weekend filled with a chance to relax and catch up on some much needed sleep.  He decided to remain in Prague for his fourth weekend abroad.  Matt admits that it was nice to unwind and recoup.  With so much to see and do, Matt couldn’t remain idle for long!  After a good night’s sleep, he was recharged enough to take a visit to the Charles Bridge.  This famous and historic bridge, commissioned by King Charles IV in 1357, crosses the Vltava River in Prague.  Lined by 16 arches and 30 Baroque statues of religious figures, the 621 meter long bridge is often considered to be one of the most astonishing civil gothic-style structures in the world.  Matt found the bridge interesting, but also very crowded.  Although it took quite a long time to actually get onto the Charles Bridge (due to all the tourists also clamoring for a view), he considered it well worth the wait!  Matt was also looking forward to exploring the Petřín Lookout Tower, a steel tower in Prague which closely resembles the Eiffel Tower.  But with all that walking around the Charles Bridge, he found himself worn out, and decided to save this excursion for another time in the very near future. 

Surrounding Streets of Charles Bridge

 Charles Bridge

After this past weekend of relaxation, Matt is ready for more adventures abroad!  We’ll see you back here next week, as Matt discovers and explores one of the world’s most influential cities in the world, Barcelona, Spain! 

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Making His Way

When we last left Matt, he was still settling in Prague.  After adapting to his new and very busy course schedule during his first weeks, he and his roommates ran into some less than comfortable train conditions while traveling to Berlin, Germany for the weekend.  Despite these rather uncomfortable obstacles, Matt is back at it this week, and it looks like he’s becoming a much more confident traveler!

After working diligently the past week in order to prepare for Mid-Term exams, as well as a significant presentation for one of his courses, Matt was happy to have a weekend of relaxation.  He reports that things are going fantastic, and he looks forward to beginning his 3rd week of classes in Prague!

After receiving countless recommendations from new friends he’s met in Prague, Matt couldn’t resist a visit to nearby Budapest, Hungary for his latest weekend expedition.  Despite his last transportation exploit, our courageous Matt decided to brave the train once again!  He reports that his journey to Budapest was much more enjoyable, as he traveled via overnight train.  In fact, Matt was even able to catch a few winks on his voyage, as his train had comfortable beds to sleep on during the ride.  Talk about traveling in style!  Matt described Budapest as a great place to visit.  He found it both interesting, as well as beautiful.  His adventures took him to Castle Hill, where he was able to experience the breathtaking Baroque architecture of the Royal Palace.

Matt’s next journey took him to the dazzling Matthias Church.  One of the most important churches in Hungary, the Matthias Church has been the site of many coronations and even some Royal weddings!

Concluding his weekend getaway, Matt visited the famous Chain Bridge. This bridge, which spans the River Danube between Buda and Pest, has enormous economic, social, cultural, and historical significance to Hungary.

Finally, Matt reports that he has also begun using Uber, an American international transportation network company.  By using the Uber mobile app, he is able submit a trip request, which is then routed to Uber economy drivers.  Matt has found this method of transportation extremely efficient, as well as inexpensive.

Join us again next week for another update and the continuation of Matt’s story!


Matt's Photos

Famous Budapest Spa Party or "Sparty"

Budapest Palace

Famous Budapest Bridge

Budapest Mid-Town


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Matt's Weekend Trip to Berlin

Matt reports that his first full week in Prague was a success, and was spent going to class and exploring.  In regard to his first week at Charles University in Prague, he mentions that his classes are longer and later in the day.  This is kind of a change of pace from what he’s accustomed to, saying “classes are long” and that he’s “[more] used to morning classes”.  However, he does state that his classes are really interesting so far.  When he’s not in class, Matt reports that he’s been exploring as much of Prague as he can.  “At first, I was really lost.  As I’ve spent more time exploring, I’ve been able to navigate through the city a lot better”.

Last Friday, following the completion of his first week of classes, Matt and his two roommates decided to take a trip up to Berlin, Germany by train “to see all it had to offer”.  Unfortunately, Matt’s experience on the train there and back was not as comfortable and relaxing as he expected.  Saying that “the seating area [on the train] was really small and very hot”.  That said, Matt still claims that his time in Berlin was well worth the less than ideal train experience.

Matt’s first impression of Berlin was that it was a huge town and “[he] had no clue how to get around”.  Fortunately, he still managed to experience a lot while he was there.  A few things that Matt recalls seeing in Belin were the Berlin Clock, the Berlin Wall, the Mercedes-Benz Headquarters, and even a festival a few streets away from their apartment.

Matt also seems to have become a fan of Airbnb, an app/website-based service that allows users to rent lodging accommodations to other users, commenting that “Airbnb lets you rent out really nice apartments for a great price”.

Next week, we’ll check back in with Matt to see what other interesting things he’s been up to.  So be sure to come back for an update!

Matt's Photos

Prague Castle (Europe's Largest Castle) - Built in 850 AD 

Berlin Clock



Picture of a Ferrari from the near by festival



Berlin Wall




Mercedes-Benz Headquarters






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Matt Arrives in Prague and Gets Settled in

Last week, Matt confirmed that he had arrived in Prague for his 10-week study abroad program and got settled in with help from the staff there.  Even though he says he was fairly (and understandably) tired from his trip over there, he still went out to explore Prague’s infamous Old Town Square in which he proceeded to start his immersion into Prague’s culture.  Prague’s Old Town Square features various architectural styles such as Romanesque, Baroque, and Gothic. Notable sights include the Old Town Hall Tower and Astronomical Clock, Tyn and St. Nicholas Churches, and the Jan Hus Statue in the center of the square.  An eclectic mix of people such as bohemian vendors, panhandlers, and other tourists add to the Old Town Square experience as well.

Matt also says that he looks forward to starting his classes (which started on Monday) and will keep us posted as he goes along.

View out the Window on the 45 Minute Flight from Berlin to Prague


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See the World, BE the Future Student Profile: Matt (Prague)

See the World, BE the Future Student Profile:  Matt (Prague)

This summer, we will be profiling Matt Anderson, a Kansas State University Junior studying Business Management and one of the exceptional students awarded our “See the World, BE the Future” Scholarship.  Last Spring semester, Matt Anderson decided to apply for a study aboard program at Charles University, located in Prague, Czech Republic through the International Studies Abroad “ISA” organization.  The program Matt chose was Charles University’s History and Culture summer program in which he would learn and experience Prague’s history and culture, and the Czech language while taking 2 courses for college credit. 

As Matt works diligently on his studies at Charles University, he will continue to provide BE sponsors, students, and followers with weekly updates and pictures of his experiences and happenings as he navigates through his study abroad in Prague, Czech Republic.  To see what Matt has been up to lately as he takes in all that Prague has to offer, check back throughout the summer for weekly updates!

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